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Extremely low cost commission

Mass Participation, Benefits sharing, Win-Win Profits

Why change to invest in Spot Gold?

Multiple Trading Products

Stocks, Options, ETF and Other Securities products

Rich Investment Strategy

Can buy up or sell short
Regardless of Bull and Bear Market

Invest in High Quality Company

Apple, Google, Ali, Baidu, Tencent Etc.
Such as US and HK International Market

Market Transparency

Enhanced Market transparency specification, Strict Supervision
Fully Protect Investors interest

T + 0 Trading Sell and Buy Anytime

Can sell and buy on same day
Good circulation, profits locked

The Safety of Clients assets are the first priority

Clients choose a trusted platform as trustee

Client assets are trusted on the trading platform, under the same name with clearing institution bank, that strictly abide with the regulatory requirements

Operation requirement

With a minimum capital of HKD or CNY50000, we can fully in charge on the investment operation�

Protected by Gold and Silver Exchange or FCA Regulatory Agency

Each transaction will be protected by the gold and silver exchange industry or by the FCA regulator

One Spot Gold Account

To save more private space, provide 24-hour investment services and information, increase production for your assets, and create better living conditions.

Strong Functionality

Support 24 hours Trading
Support Spot Gold and Forex trading

Investment Seminar

A group of like-minded professionals with high abilities, helping clients to increase market share through market advisor programs and sharing investment strategies with investors.
Increase the ability of investment and winning through exchange ideas in Investment Forum.

Trading dedicated Hotline

Adopted MT4, the most widely known foreign exchange trading platform in the world to achieve instant transaction.

Most attractive pricing

Benefit from the advanced smart intelligent system, clients’ orders are directly linked to the United States, London, Hong Kong and Japan
Order inquiry from multiple exchanges and place orders at the best price